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Davidson Sales Co
Davidson Sales Company

What's New?

Ayantra Wireless


We are proud to announce that we are now a manufacturers’ representative for Ayantra wireless and web technology solutions keeping customers connected to their remote assets and collecting useful information on utilization, status, faults, and location.

AXI International Fuel Polisher

AXI International

We are now a manufacturers’ representative and distributor for AXI International fuel polishing equipment (mobile & stationary) and accessories.AXI Catalog

Sens Microgenius 2

Sens MicroGenius 2

Stored Energy Systems manufactures battery chargers and DC rectifiers for industrial, marine and telecommunications markets.  Davidson Sales Co. maintains inventory of the economical LC Series and the NRG battery chargers for 12 volt and 24 volt applications, from 3.5 amps to 20 amps output.  SENS battery chargers regulate input voltage and frequency variances, resulting in steady voltage and charging current output.  They also feature an Autoboost function which ensures fastest charging of the battery systems while avoiding overcharging or "drying" of the battery. Sens MG2 Catalog


Bell Performance

We are now a stocking Distributor for Bell Performance diesel fuel additives (biocide, fuel preservative, water demulsifier, sludge dispersant & cold weather fuel additive). Bell Performance Brochure

Eaton Circuit Breakers


Now stocking Eaton three-pole generator (115% load & reverse feed application) circuit breakers.  We also offer the associated accessories (shunt trips, auxiliary switches, neutral kits, optional lugs & both NEMA 1 & 3R enclosures

Bearward Radiator

Bearward Engineering and Young Touchstone

We now offer Bearward Engineering radiators and replacement parts with inventory in Blaine, Minnesota. We also can provide the materials, instructions and special tools required to replace the sectional cores in both their radiators and after-coolers.Bearward Engineering Sectional Radiator Components Identifier

Sens Microgenius 2

Davidson Sales Company is proud to be the new Factory Representative for SENS (Stored Energy Systems, LLC) in Tennessee.

Mosebach Load Bank


Need Load Banks? Call us!  We now represent Mosebach Manufacturing and offer load banks ranging in size from 30 kW to 3+ mW. Mosebach Load Bank Brochure

Panelsource P7

Panelsource P7X4510 AutoStart Generator Control Panel

Introducing the P7X4510 AutoStart Generator Control Panel with the Deep Sea 4510 controller for mechancial, gas, or J1939 CANbus engines with Deep Sea PC software and standard USB interface for complete programmability.P7X4510 Generator Control Panel Brochure

Thomson QCP Panel

Thomson Power Systems - Marathon

Thomson has a solution to quickly and safely make a portable generator connection to your electrical distibution system. When normal power is interrupted during a natural disaster or main utility power failure, the Quick Connection Panel enables your facility to accept temporary service from a rental or portable generator. Thomson QCP Brochure

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