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VDO Canbus


VDO Canbus
Marine, off-highway equipment, generator or pump, we now offer simple and easy to install engine gauges for SAE J1939 CANBUS engines. No thread sizes, ohmic ranges or even senders to worry about, connect three wires to the engine ECM and you can read the factory installed senders.

VDO Canbus The VDO CAN Cockpit system is built around a master instrument (tachometer or speedometer), which can stand alone or be daisy chained to up to 16 additional gauges. With the master instrument alone, you can read engine speed, water, oil, transmission, turbo & intake air temperatures, oil, transmission & turbo pressures, hourly fuel consumption, % of load, battery voltage and the ECM hourmeter. One simple LCD display has it all, or add individual gauges as needed. If your customer wants gauges, we can help.

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CAN Cockpit
N02-012-920 3000 RPM Master Tachometer A2C60000061 3000 RPM Master Tachometer
N02-012-922 4000 RPM Master Tachometer A2C60000062 4000 RPM Mater Tachometer
N02-140-512 150 PSI Eng Oil Pressure A2C60000305 80 PSI Eng Oil Pressure
N02-140-516 300 PSI Gearbox Oil Pressure A2C60000306 150 PSI Eng Oil Pressure
N02-311-552 Eng Coolant Temp 100-250°F A2C60000311 400 PSI Trans Oil Pressure
N02-311-542 Eng Temp 100-300°F A2C60000319 Eng Coolant Temp 100-280°F
N02-311-546 Exhaust Gas Temp 200-1700°F A2C60000331 Eng Oil Temp 120-300°F
N02-413-066 Voltmeter 8-16 Vdc A2C60000335 Trans Oil Temp 120-300°F
N02-413-058 Voltmeter 18-32 Vdc A2C60000325 Voltmeter 8-16V
*In Stock A2C60000327 Voltmeter 18-32V
A2C53092432 Harness CAN Input Master With Two Analog Inputs
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