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Davidson Sales Co
Davidson Sales Company

Young Touchstone Radiators

Young-Touchstone Radiators - how are they different and better.

Young-Touchstone manufactures heat exchanger products for a variety of applications.  Most diesel or gas engine applications ultimately use a radiator, or air to liquid heat exchanger, either mounted directly to the engine, or installed as a remote unit.  A number of manufacturers offer products in this market, however, several design and manufacturing differences exist which make for more reliable installations.  Following is an overview of Young methods that make it stand out from the competition. Download a detailed mechanical bond specification for this product.

Manufacturing Flexibility
Young Touchstone Assembly

Young has pre-engineered many sub-components of the radiator and has developed a configurator program that allows for the "build-up" of a specific radiator from a large number of different sub-components.  As an example, hundreds of core designs are automatically matched up to tank and frame designs to arrive at the optimum package design to meet specifications.   Having most of the sub-components automatically "configured" allows for the shortest manufacturing cycle possible.  This, in turn, provides the best delivery program in the industry.

Mechanically-Bonded Core-to-Header Construction

wpe2.jpg (30027 bytes) wpe3.jpg (12528 bytes) wpe4.jpg (7334 bytes)

As seen above (left-hand image), Young utilizes a mechanical bond process in the core-to-header joints.  The flat-to-round tubes are expanded and rolled into the header plates to form a permanent union.  This process eliminates solder throughout the radiator and allows for a single-piece core construction, rather than multiple cores joined together to form a large radiator.   The end result is a lower probability of leaks between the core and the header plates.  This design also allows for removal of the tanks, should future service be needed, without the need to remove the radiator from the site.

Another design advantage is in the manner in which the tank is bolted to the header.  Young utilizes O-rings (shown in middle image above) which are inserted into a machined groove in the header plate.  This O-ring is compressed between tank and header mating surfaces to provide a superior seal, as compared to gaskets (shown on right-hand image) which may fail under high-heat conditions and lead to leaks.

wpe6.jpg (32408 bytes)

Davidson Sales Company represents Young-Touchstone, a leader in design and manufacture of heat exchanger products.  If you have any questions about this product line, contact us.


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