Generator Dual Voltage Output.

Dual voltage output on generators? It is possible!

Many installations require the availability of two or more system voltages from the standby power source. Typical of many installations is the need for operation of electric motors at 480Vac, operation of major appliances at 208Vac and smaller loads and power tools at 120Vac. This can be accomplished in the following two ways:

  1. A voltage changeover switch is a product commonly used to satisfy these needs. It provides a convenient method of switching system voltages for specific load requirements. The example above would be satisfied with a properly sized Hi Wye - Lo-Wye - Delta configuration changeover switch. While ideal for many installations, one drawback to this switch is that it can only provide one voltage output at a time.
  2. An alternative that can satisfy simultaneous multiple output voltages is a dual voltage generator, as recently introduced by Marathon Electric. These generators are equipped with dual windings capable of delivering both 208Vac and 480Vac, 3 phase power, at the same time. A neutral connection lead is also provided to enable 120Vac, single phase, power while the 3 phase windings are operating. As a limiting factor, the total kW of the two output windings cannot exceed the nameplate rating assigned to the generator. Marathon Electric currently has a dual voltage product offering of 50kW through 375kW generators.

If you would like to incorporate either of these alternatives into your current product designs, please call us. We can size and quote a voltage changeover switch for your application or recommend a Marathon generator to satisfy your dual output requirements.