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Ayantra Wireless and Web
Ayantra manufactures wireless and web technology solutions keeping customers connected to their remote assets and collecting useful information on utilization, status, faults, and location. myGENcare FleetGen Remote Cellular Annunciator Insta-Alert SCADA-Lite FleetWare FleetSight FleetSentry-Lite FleetSentry-Pro
Territory: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Caribbean

Power Temp Systems
Power Temp Systems, Inc. located in Houston, Texas is the original and largest supplier of internationally recognized portable and mobile electrical products. Highly engineered and custom designed for the application, Power Temp Systems meets or exceeds all UL 1640, NEC, MSHA, OSHA, and NEMA standards and regulations for use in all types of environments and applications. From docking stations to generator paralleling panels, their ability to quickly deliver a quality American made products is unequalled. Mobile and portable is their middle name, but any emergency power distribution or connection panel is their business.
Territory: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, The Caribbean

AXI International manufacturers fuel polishing equipment (mobile & stationary) and accessories. Enclosed Fuel Maintenance Systems Automated Fuel Maintenance Systems AXI Catalog MTC-X Mobile Fuel Polishing
Territory: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Caribbean

Alternator_End Marathon Electric manufactures 50, 60 & 400 Hz generator ends from 5 to 2000 kW for standby, prime duty, marine, aviation and commercial applications. Marathon Generator Catalog Marathon Voltage Regulators Marathon MagnaMax (PMG) Generator Specifications  Marathon MagnaPlus Generator Specifications
Territory: Florida, Puerto Rico, Caribbean

Thomson Power Systems manufactures UL switchgear, transfer switches and engine control systems for power generation applications. 
TSC80E Transfer Switch Controller TS840 Automatic Transfer Switch Brochure TS870 Automatic Transfer Switch Brochure TS880 Automatic Transfer Switch Brochure TS910 Automatic Transfer Switch Brochure
TSC900 Transfer Switch Controller Brochure Series 2200 Switchgear Brochure Series 2400 Paralleling Switchgear Brochure TS930 Automatic Transfer Switch Brochure
Territory: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Caribbean

Battery_Charger Stored Energy Systems (SENS) manufactures battery chargers and DC accessory products for generators, switchgear, industrial controls, SCADA systems, electric utility, industrial and marine applications. Sens MicroGenius Catalog Sens NRG Catalog Sens LC Catalog Sens BBS Catalog Sens IQ Catalog Sens Battery Charger Specifications Charger Sizing By CCA
Territory: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Caribbean

Voltage Regulator Power-Tronics, Inc. designs and manufactures voltage regulators and static exciter replacements for a wide variety of electrical generating systems used in the industry today. Power-Tronics Voltage Regulator Crossover Sheet
Territory: Worldwide

EZ Oil Drain Valve The EZ Oil Drain Valve replaces the standard oil drain plug, making oil changes easier, saving valuable time and expenses for all engine applications. EZ Oil Drain Valve Brochure EZ Oil Drain OEM Industrial Brochure EZ Oil Drain Valve Comprehensive Chart
Territory: Worldwide

Diesel Radiator Co Diesel Radiator Company is an almost fifty-year-old family owned and managed Chicago based radiator manufacturer.  With 70,000 feet of manufacturing space and more than 120 employees, they manufacture high-quality cooling system products for OEM production and one-off applications.  From prototyping to shipment, they offer superior engineering and excellent customer service.  From 47 to 4700 horsepower, engine mounted or a remote configuration, they can provide a complete radiator solution with custom CNC mandrel bent coolant tube kits for a complete solution for your cooling system needs.   
Territory: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, The Caribbean

Panel Panelsource™ manufactures OEM and custom industrial engine, generator control, pump control, metering, fuel tank monitoring and remote annunciation panels.
Territory: Worldwide

Load Bank Mosebach manufactures AC & DC load banks for mobile, fixed stationary (generator enclosure or service pad) and custom applications.. Mosebach Load Bank Brochure
Territory: Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Caribbean

  Silencer Maxim manufactures carbon steel, aluminized & stainless steel exhaust silencers, accessories and emission control catalysts for industrial, residential and critical engine installations. Maxim Silencer Catalog  Maxim Accessory Catalog
Territory: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Caribbean

Gator manufactures industrial fiberglass battery boxes and trays for use with lead-acid engine starting batteries (8D, tamdem 8D, 4D & tamdem 4D). Gator Fiberglass Battery Box Specification Sheet  Gator Fiberglass Battery Tray Specification Sheet  Gator Fiberglass Battery Split-Tray Specification Sheet Gator Fiberglass Battery Box Fiberglass Battery Tray Brochure
Territory: Worldwide

Heater Hotstart manufactures electric heaters (coolant, oil, fuel and batteries) for industrial engine, power generation, fire pump, pump and marine applications. Hotstart Catalog Hotstart CTM Brochure Hotstart Energy Saving Heaters
Territory: Worldwide

Bell Performance manufactures diesel fuel additives (biocide, fuel preservative, water demulsifier, sludge dispersant & cold weather fuel additive) for the protection of industrial and marine engine fuel systems. Bell Performance Brochure
Territory: US & Caribbean

Korfund_Isolators Korfund Dynamics manufactures a complete line of vibration isolation and mechanical noise control products for mobile and stationary equipment.  Korfund Seismic Isolator Catalog Korfund Elastomeric Isolator Catalog Korfund Spring Isolator Catalog  Korfund Seismic Vibration Isolator Specifications
Territory: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Caribbean, Export

VDO_Gauge VDO is a worldwide manufacturer of traditional engine gauges & senders, CANBUS gauges and marine instrumentation.  VDO Canbus VDO Industrial  VDO Automotive  VDO Marine
Territory: Worldwide

Sens offers NiCad batteries and complete systems designed for various applications. SAFT NiCad Battery Catalog   SAFT NiCad Battery Manual
Territory: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Puerto Rico,Tennessee, Caribbean 

Voltage_Regulator Basler Electric manufactures power systems products (voltage regulators, generator & engine controllers, safety relays, syncroniziers & excitation systems) APR63-5 Brochure APR125-5 Brochure AVC63-4 Brochure AVC63-12-B1 Brochure VR63-4 Brochure VR63-4A Brochure VR63-4C Brochure
Territory: Worldwide

Eaton Breakers
Eaton manufactures power system products and we offer generator circuit breakers. Eaton Circuit Breaker Brochure  Eaton Circuit Breaker Part Number Matrix
Territory: Worldwide

Pryco, Inc.
Pryco manufactures UL and NFPA fuel containment systems (day tanks, sub base tanks and trailers for power generation equipment) and controls. Pryco Catalog Pryco Day Tank Cut Sheet  Pryco FCM Fuel System Specifications   Pryco Subbase Fuel Tank Specifications   Pryco Fuel Day Tank Specifications
Territory: Worldwide

Grasslin Intermatic manufactures AC & DC time clocks for industrial engine and generator applications. Intermatic Catalog Intermatic / Grasslin Crossover  Intermatic Digi 20 Timer Instructions  Intermatic Digi 42 Timer Instructions  Intermatic Talento 800 Instructions  FM1D A / E InstallFM1D Install  FM2D Install  20 Set Points Programming  50 Set Points Programming
Territory: Worldwide

Changeover_Switch Salzer manufacters rotary cam voltage change-over and selector switches power generation applications. Salzer Ordering Sheet
Territory: Worldwide

The Nason Company manufactures heavy duty SAE and metric pressure and temperature switches for engine & industrial applications. Nason Catalog
Territory: Worldwide

Tachtrol AI-Tek Instruments manufactures process control equipment (tachometers, speed sensors and rate monitors) for applications requiring tight control of functions such as rate of speed, flow, direction of travel and more.  AI-Tek Instruments Catalog AI-Tek Sensor Catalog Tachpak Operations Manual Tachlink PC Interface Tachlink Installation Tachpak 10 - 30 Tachtrol 10 -30 Tachtrol Plus Tach Enclosure Options Tach Sensor Accessories
Territory: Worldwide

Pilla, Inc.      Buy Pilla Now
Pilla manufactures standard and custom emergency stop operators for every working environment ( Nema 1, 12, 3R & 4X) and application. Break Glass Emergency Stop Switch Brochure Push Button Emergency Stop Switch Brochure Pilla Cut Sheet
Territory: Worldwide

Newage Limited      Buy Newage Now
Newage (Stamford Avk) manufactures power generation products (voltage regulators). Newage SX460 Newage AS440   Newage MX341  Newage MX321 Newage Voltage Regulators
Territory: Worldwide

   Fuel_Level Krueger Sentry Gauges manufactures mechanical and electro-mechanical senders for use as fuel level, alarm and leak-detection in both day tanks and main fuel tanks for generators, fire pumps and industrial engines. At-A-Glance Alarm  Krueger D Series  Krueger H Series  Krueger L Series  Krueger K Series
Territory: Worldwide

Magnetic Pickups      Buy Magnetic Pickups Now
Davidson Sales contracts with manufactures to offer common magnetic pick-ups (MPU) for power generation and industrial engine applications.
Magnetic Pickups Layout
Territory: Worldwide

Marinco Connector Marinco manufactures color coded wire to wire and wire to bulkhead Cam-Lok connectors use for mobile power generation and load banking.
Marinco Brochure
Territory: Worldwide

  Gauge Isspro manufactures automotive, industrial and marine instrumentation and related accessories.   Isspro Standard Catalog Isspro Performance Catalog
Territory: Worldwide

Exhaust Wrap
DSC Exhaust Wrap       Buy DSC Wrap Now
DSC Wrap is a proprietary exhaust wrap used for insulating engine exhaust systems. . DSC Exhaust Wrap Brochure
Territory: Worldwide

Gauge Stewart-Warner manufactures automotive, industrial and marine instrumentation and related accessories. Stewart Warner Catalog
Territory: Worldwide

Engine Concepts Unlimited (ECU)   Buy ECU Now
Engine Concepts Unlimited (ECU) manufactures compact, reliable, and time proven engine autostart controllers for both analog and CANBUS engine applications. ECU-9988LC  ECU-9988NC ECU Pots Adjustment ECU Switch Adjustment
Territory: Worldwide

Actuator Governors America Corp. (GAC) manufactures electronic speed governors systems and accessories, gaseous fuel systems and industrial engine controls (CANBUS) for power generation and industrial engines. GAC Catalog
Territory: Worldwide

  ABB Breaker ABB manufactures breakers & related accessories for gensets and power distribution applications. ABB Catalog
Territory: Worldwide

Manual_Transfer Midwest Electric manufactures UL manual transfer switches (100 amp, 200 amp & 400 amp) and accessories for NEMA 3R applications. Midwest Literature  Midwest Specifications
Territory: Worldwide

Davidson Sales Co Power Generation Distributors: Sales / Parts / Supplies, Manufacturer Of Panelsource Generator Metering Panels.