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Technical Bulletins by Davidson Sales Co.

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Glossary of Technical Terms: EGSA

Flash A Generator when output is lost due to loss of excitation

Typical Power Consumption of home appliances

Single Rate vs.Two-rate battery chargers

Electronic Governors - important considerations to review during installation and calibration on industrial engines.

Magnetic Pickup Sensors selection and installation guidelines on industrial engines

Industrial Radiators - data required for sizing of radiators for diesel engines

Delay Timer Vs In-Phase Monitor - automatic transfer switch engineering brief

Sizing An Alternator - motor starting considerations

Battery Charger Size Calculation with automatic two-rate charger for engine starting applications

Determining SAE housing/flywheel adaption on generators

ABS also known as Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene, revolutionizes the generator control panel market

Dual Voltage Output generators?  It is possible!

Design Silencer Installation  when building gen-sets inside enclosures?

Paralleling - basic questions for design of a paralleling application for generator sets

"Captive" Vibration Isolators - When do you need "them?

Double Loop System for remote radiator applications

Overlapping Neutral - on 4 pole automatic transfer switches

LimaMac Generators - basic principles.

LimaMac Troubleshooting - LimaMac generator troubleshooting guidelines

Young Touchstone Radiators - how are they different and better?

Single Phasing conditions and automatic transfer switches - a technical brief

PMG 360 Frame Install - service bulletin for PMG kit on 360 Frame MagnaPlus Marathon alternators

PMG 430 Frame Install - service bulletin for PMG kit on 430 Frame MagnaPlus Marathon alternators

Marathon Alternator Suitability - Suitability of Marathon alternators for Class 1 Division 2, and Group D hazardous locations

Space Heater Install 280/360 Frame - service bulletin for field installation on 280/360 Frame MagnaPlus Marathon alternators (not applicable to 280 Frame PSL1500 or PDL1500 series)

Space Heater Install 430 Frame MagnaPlus - service bulletin for field installation on 430 Frame MagnaPlus Marathon alternators

Space Heater Install 430 Frame MagnaMax - service bulletin for field installation on 430 Frame MagnaMaxDVR Marathon alternators

Space Heater Install 570 Frame - service bulletin for field installation on 570 Frame MagnaMaxDVR Marathon alternators

Thompson Technology - Thomson Power Systems - safety standards and product certification for automatic transfer switches and paralleling switchgear

Sens Battery Chargers - application to VRLA batteries.

Thermal Wrap -application of thermal wrap to exhaust piping and exhaust silencers.

Generator Winding Pitch - technical talk.

SENS NRG Battery Charger - initial commissioning with Nickel-Cadmium batteries.

Marathon Electric Service Procedure - recommended RTD settings for Marathon alternators.

UL Standard For Battery Chargers - technical brief on UL standards applicable to generator set battery chargers.

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